Awafaeita is a creative venture based on the wee Island of Iona, on the west coast of Scotland,

Awafaeita [Scots for away from it all] has been the brainchild of Iona resident Sheelagh M Dornan. 

Sheelagh has been part of the fabric of Iona for 10 years. She established and has run the Iona Heritage Centre Garden Cafe since 2015 with her partner David.

With a BAHons Degree in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art; process and strong contrasts are an important part of the way that Sheelagh works. With this in mind and her love for the sea, she endeavours to share with you little bits of Iona though her eyes. 

Awafaeita is in its early stages and we hope to be supporting various artists and sharing with you their work in the future.